Pictures | luxury and excellence (One & Only Palmilla Resort)

Pictures | luxury and excellence (One & Only Palmilla Resort)
"One & Only Palmilla", one of the original hot spots frequented by the rich and famous, even when he was young and unknown in 1950, attracting "One & Only Palmilla" Hollywood stars and world leaders from the likes of Clark Gable, John Wayne and Desi Arnaz.
Pictures | luxury and excellence (One & Only Palmilla Resort)
This resort is built in the years of the fifties by the pilot ambition and reckless "Abelardo Luis Rodriguez", the son of Mexican President at the time, and has flourished "One & Only Palmilla Resort" to become one of the best destinations south of the border with the United States.
This hotel is located and which has been Ranked among the top 100 hotels and resorts in the world, off the ocean and includes 13 private villas, also includes a golf course of 27 holes designed personally by Jack Nicklaus.
The suites and rooms in the "One & Only Palmilla" designs Mexican contains all of them on the patio and balcony, and contains all the luxuries, and include dining at this luxurious resort dishes Mexican flavors of Mediterranean cuisine Euro-Asian in addition to meals of fresh sushi options.
And guests can relax in a Rosaries in the open air or play tennis, as they can practice scuba diving and deep-sea fishing or shopping in the nearby city of "Cabo San Luca."
And the cost of accommodation in the resort begins  "One & Only Palmilla" luxurious than $ 593.

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