Pictures | 10 destinations frequented by the rich world

Pictures | 10 destinations frequented by the rich world

A destination for the wealthy, which goes to the ordinary people, the researchers discovered that is new or watch highlights of the most famous or there panting behind the bustling life of the trips vary.
The world's rich understanding of mostly they repeat the cities they visit, because they do not have waived those high standards offered by luxury hotels and resorts in the luxury cities, perhaps limited to a few places in the world, so we find them in places calls going her to engage in sporting activities such as sailing or skiing on snow, and some of the wealthy could grasp it in the quiet places that lashed the rest and recuperation, which is famous for its picturesque views of with an abundance of restaurants, nightclubs and other, which draws attention to the grandeur.
He chose hiamag 10th destination for the world's rich site:
1 - Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monte Carlo
2 - Saint-Tropez, France
St. Tropez
3 - Bora Bora, Tahena
Bora Bora
4 - Aspen, Colorado, United States
5 - St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moretz_0
6. Marina di Portofino, Italy
Marina di Portofino
7 - Santorini, Greece
8 - Bodrum, Turkey
9 - Sun City, South Africa
Sun City
10 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

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