If you suffer from à fear of heights, you should avoid thèse places!

 If you suffer from a fear of heights, you should avoid these places!

1. White Mountain - French Alps

On Europe's highest mountain summit there this glass cage and specifically on the 3840 meters high, where the surface of the glass is the highest in the world

2. Skywalk Grand Canyon - United States

And the rise of the corridor, which is owned and run by one of the Indian tribes, 213 meters from the surface of the earth

3. Willis Tower (Sears) - Chicago, United States
 Balcony glass hanging up this tower 396 meters above the ground and the glass can withstand it manufactured more than 4,500 kg

4. CN Tower - Toronto, Canada
 The CN Tower is a communications tower and observation with a height of 533 meters above the ground

5. Langkawi Cable Car - Malaysia

6. Blackpool Tower - England

The tower was opened to the public in 1894, rising 158 meters above the ground

7- (Walk of faith) - China

 This corridor has been set up on the edge of the glass Tianmen Mountain at an altitude of 1430 meters! In order to reach it you have to take the cable car

8- Sky Tower - Auckland, New Zealand

 Pierce the sky tower Oakland, up 305 meters and tourists can wander on the podium erected summit top of the tower using ropes safety as they can practice sport elastic bungee jumping (bungee jump)

9- Alpspix Viewing Platform - Germany

10- Spinnaker Tower - Portsmouth, England 

Top Towers England outside London and rising 170 meters above the ground

11. Trolltunga - Norway

These natural platform rises 700 meters from the nearest point on the surface of the lake below

12. Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia 

Rise bridge between the two towers at the level of floors 41 and 42 of about 170 meters above the ground

13- Dachstein Stairway - Austria 

One of the highest bridges in the world has ever seen where the rise of this bridge overlooking the Alps 396 meters from the surface of the earth

14. Oriental Pearl Tower - Shanghai, China

 The highest buildings of Shanghai City. The height of the tower, which is used for television broadcasting 457 meters

15. Mountain Lion head - Cape Town, South Africa 

Rise summit of this mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town, 669 meters from the surface of the earth

16- Tokyo Skytree - Tokyo, Japan 

The height of the tower, which has a restaurant and is used to broadcast and control about 634 meters from the surface of the earth

17- The Heavenly Stairs - China

The way to the top of a mountain is Shan pass through these corridors, which reaches a height of 2133 meters !!

18- Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore 

On top of this hotel, which consists of 57 bungalows located swimming pool

19- Cliff Walk - Vancouver, Canada

20. Mount Half-Dome - United States

Rise the highest peaks of this mountain, which meant the Argonauts 1430 meters from the base of the valley

21- Royal Gorge Bridge - Colorado, United States 

Many people prefer to use the cable car instead of walking on the suspension bridge, which rises 291 meters from the ground

22. Burj Khalifa Dubai

 This platform is located on the top of the Burj Khalifa the tallest tower in the world and which has a height of 829 meters

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