The most beautiful but DEADLY tourist destinations around the world

Whether it's relaxing on a golden beach or indulging in challenging jungle hikes, there is one thing everyone wants from their holiday - to come back safely.
But while most trips go off without a hitch, there are some destinations where holidays can end in disaster, whether tourists are simply enjoying the beach or attempting to scale a mountain.
But just where are the most deadly tourist destinations in the world? From the aptly-named Death Road in Bolivia, where hundreds of drivers die each year, to the Florida beach with more shark attacks per square kilometre than anywhere in the world, these are the beautiful destinations where tourists should be particularly careful. 
Mont Blanc - France
Goûter corridor is not considered is the most popular way for those who only want to climb the highest peak in Western Europe, it is one of the most dangerous areas because of frequent rock falls, and is known to the locals as the "death strip"
Grand Canyon - Arizona
Occurred in this place 685 deaths, with a rise in the mountains of Park Canyon National Park, 1,800 meters
 Tahubo - Tahiti
This area is known more dangerous places for surfers , where many of them died due to waves and hundreds injured seriously injured.
Using "Kakuda" - Guinea
Greater risk to travelers in the way of Kokoda is a mosquito, with an intensity to the extent that it is possible that the tourist to the ground and die from exposure to the severity of the injury is located.
Beach "Smyrna" New - Florida
Tops New Smyrna Beach Beach in the mortality rate due to sharks attacks, where the number of attacks since 2004 to 2014 more than 700 attack.
"Yosemite" National Park - California
The height of the mountains of the park more than 1,500 meters which prompted many mountain climbers to die as a result of falling from the top.
Slope "Mohr" - Ireland
Charming views of the slope pay many tourists to visit and photo ops, but the lack of security barriers falling from above, increased the number of deaths in this slope.
Skilling Michael - Ireland
Love exploration prompted many tourists to meet died due to the harsh nature of the rocks in this place and a height of up to 600 meters.
Volcano "Hawaii" - flight helicopter
Many tourists believe that the best way to see the most active volcano on earth is through the climb into a helicopter, but this has caused 40 deaths as a result of the crash between 1992 and 2002.
Colorado River - between America and Mexico
The beauty of the view from the top of this river paying tourist to visit and get closer to the edge, which has no protection barriers, which has increased the number of deaths in this place as a result of falling from the top.
Death Road - Bolivia
Up through the death of this capital of the country's Amazon jungle, which pays a lot of cars that you want to cross it to slip and fall through it slope which has a height of 600 meters, and occur as a result of 300 deaths a year.
High "is Shan" - China
In this perilous mountain road 100 climber die each year, where climbers saw him as a suitable place to show their strength and experience in climbing, and a height of 2154 meters.

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