Pictures | the most visited places in the United Kingdom attractions

Pictures | the most visited places in the United Kingdom attractions

Report published by the newspaper "The Telegraph" pointed out the most famous in the United Kingdom attractions ", which saw the largest number of visitors over the past year, based on an assessment of the organization" Association of Leading Visitor Attractions : ALVA "
The organization also showed an increase the number of visitors to tourist attractions across Britain by 6.5% compared with 2013, as well as the libraries were the most popular places where he attracted the largest number of visitors.

10. Birmingham Library:
The library was opened in 2013, is one of the most tourist attractions outside of the City of London which saw more than 2.41 million visitors last year.
9. Somerset House:
Building located in the center of London and enjoy the distinct views of the river, "The Times", the number of visitors over the past year exceeds 2.46 million people.
8. The Tower of London:
Attracted regions of "the country's Sweet Penzance" and "Seas Of Red" surrounding the tower walls are an estimated five million annual visitors, up 6%, while the number of visitors to the tower exceeded three million people.
7. Victoria and Albert Museum:
In "South Kensington" area number of visitors to the museum actually more than 3.18 million people.
6. Science Museum:
The "Museum of Science", located in the City of London, a famous tourist attractions which he visited more than 3.35 million people last year.
5. Museum of Natural History:
Is a scientific museum of nature came in fifth place on the list thanks to the increase of more than 5.38 million people have over the past year.
4. Tatamodrn:
Able Gallery of Modern Art, "Tate Modern" attract nearly 6 million visitors during the past year, thanks to the wonderful work that combines them, especially the work of the famous French painter "Henri Matisse".
3. South Bank Centre:
Is a gathering place for a number of technical areas has appeared on the list for the first time since visited by more than 6.25 million people last year.
2. National Museum:
A historical museums in the ancient city of "London" was founded in 1824, and the number of individuals who have visited over the past year exceeds 6.4 million people.
1. British Museum:
The number of visitors to nearly 6.5 million people, the museum was able to get the best most popular in the "United Kingdom" for the eighth attractions consecutive title.

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