Pictures | tour of the childhood home of -Warren Buffett-, now listed on the company - Air BNP -

Pictures | tour of the childhood home of -Warren Buffett-, now listed on the company ' Air BNP'

Warren Buffett recently supported the company "Air BNP" in his annual address to shareholders, "Berkshire Hathaway", saying it is an excellent option for people who are traveling to Omaha to participate in the annual conference.
And Warren Buffett said that the company "Air BNP" services may be particularly helpful for shareholders who expect to spend one night in Omaha, adding that he is aware that last year had a number of conference guests to pay for a period of not less than three nights in order to spend one night In some hotels, but it may be useful to look at the site Air BNP company. "
Now, thanks to Air BNP company, Lucky is one of the contributors to the "Berkshire Hathaway" will get the opportunity to spend three nights at the home of childhood Buffett over the weekend during a shareholders' meeting in May.
To win Shareholders can register on site the company "Air BNP" where the winner will be selected based on the quality of answers to four questions related to travel, and Air BNP company, and the state of Omaha.
The house is located in the Country Club neighborhood in Omaha, Buffett has been moved to the family in 1936, and knew a number of innovations at the hands of new owners over the years, the following are seeing some of the pictures home:
as-you-enter-youll-find-yourself-in-a-comfortable-living-room-the-home-is-no-longer-owned-by-the-buffett-family-so-the-furnishing-has-changed-since-they-lived-here furniture-is-arranged-around-a-fireplace heres-a-look-at-the-master-bathroom-as-it-looks-today most-of-the-bedrooms-are-located-upstairs the-chandelier-in-this-formal-dining-room-was-added-by-buffetts-parents the-current-owner-has-turned-the-basement-into-a-gallery-for-their-mexican-folk-art-collection the-home-has-lots-of-artwork-on-its-walls the-kitchen-has-been-updated-to-include-modern-appliances the-walls-are-extremely-colorful-and-bright this-bedroom-is-where-buffett-slept-as-a-child-though-there-was-only-one-bed-in-here-at-the-time this-downstairs-bedroom-includes-a-pull-out-couch this-library-was-once-a-study-for-buffetts-father-the-shelves-are-the-originals-though-the-desk-that-once-stood-here-is-now-in-buffetts-office-at-berkshire-hathaway

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