Pictures | Bremen .. smaller German state with a long history

The state of Bremen, and its capital city of Bremen, the smallest German state.
 Inhabited by about 660 thousand people only. Although it features a lot of historical and cultural monuments. Also famous for its ancient Bremerhaven old and her hometown.
Monument warrior Roland, who represents the city's rights and independence. The monument is located Bremen city center dating back to the year 1404. According to legend, "Bremen will remain free and independent as long as Ronald enduring watching his city."
UNESCO included the ancient city of Bremen sites "World Heritage" in 2004. Since 1973 the old city and enjoy the special archaeological sites protection, according to DW.
Famous musicians Bremen Bust: (donkey, dog, cat, and rooster), inspired by one of the most fascinating stories of the brothers Grimm. These animals have become a symbol of the city today.
Traders building in Bremen: This famous building was established about 600 years ago, when the city was a center of trade in the north of Germany.
The city remained maintain some of the old traditions, reviving private dinners for ship captains and traders and their guests and for men only.On February 13, 2015 women invited for the first time to attend this traditional ceremony.
River "Phaser" ends of the province in Bremen Bremerhaven, before emptying into the North Sea. Therefore, the city of Bremen was important throughout history for traders and traffic navigation.
Bremerhaven city itself evolved after World War II to become an important ports and large ships. The port is in charge of more than 50 million tons of cargo each year.
"Weather house" in Bremerhaven offers halls in all weather conditions in the various countries of the world, to enjoy visitors to identify the climatic conditions and weather on the planet.

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