Video-Photo: Finalists for National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

The newspaper "Daily Mail" the British publication of the final images of the traveler 2015 contest and announced by the "National Geographic", and the winner will be announced on 14 February in the "outer Telegraph Adventure Travel Expo".
And varied images may participate in this annual competition, which was launched last September, to include all of the "people," "the movement or action," "animals," "Nature" and "places".
He said, "Pat Riddle," editor in National Geographic magazine for travelers that incredibly big contest the annual photography response is impressed where she posts a high level of creativity and quality photography, adding that for the first time will be the work of the six candidates end-available for purchase, thanks cooperation with "the printspace", as the grand prize winner will win a trip for two also for wildlife photography to "Masai Mara" National Reserve in Kenya.
The following recognize the final image of the traveler Contest 2015:
Image for "Alexandra Raluca" and ritual dances depicting the new year in Romania, which appear tradition of "Bear" and its impact on beliefs. 

The capture this stunning snapshot of where the melting of the river in the "Santa Cruz" Province of Patagonia by "Claire Carter" appears 
This photograph was taken by "Yannick Targunsky" and is showing a group of men relating to train in rural Sri Lankan.
"Barry Robertson," traveled to "Bleaker" Island in the Falkland Islands, to portray this group of penguins.
The discovery of a cave, "Sun Dong", which is located deep in the jungle Vietnamese, for the first time in 2009 and is the largest in the world, and has been photographed by "Chris Miller".
Image of "South Bank" to qualify for London, a cameraman, "Philip chilled" to the final stage in the category of urban areas this year.

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