Pictures | Nuray Island in Abu Dhabi

Take a trip on board a small boat to the island of Saadiyat Island Nuray, one of the most exclusive resorts in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and in the world.

Al Jazeera that the company "Zaya" worked to develop; 3.3 million square feet (about 000.306 square meters) is located in the north-east of Abu Dhabi city center, close to the northern side of the island of Saadiyat.
And provide Zaya Nuray Island , which lies a 10-minute boat ride from the island of Saadiyat unique world of luxury and sophistication in an atmosphere of pure nature, whether to stay or dine in restaurants or relax at the health club, according to "timeoutdubai".
The island includes 32 private villas super luxury hotel in addition to the 23 residential villas overlooking the waterfront, and contain all beach villa private pool and patio provides direct access to the beach, including drinks and other benefits on the clock and advanced facilities in the rooms.
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