Pictures | A Look Inside -Iniala Beach House- hotel

After surviving a death in the 2004 tsunami that hit several Asian regions decided to British investor "Mark and Ingard" turn his home into a luxury hotel called the "Iniala Beach House" in the city of Phuket in Thailand.
And includes "Iniala Beach House" resort ten rooms only to provide privacy for guests, and each one of these rooms have been designed by is designed differently to give the resort's exclusive and excellence, the hotel features several restaurants, including Restaurant "Aziamend" winning several awards as the best restaurant in Asia, where guests can cook News as interested in eating the dishes instead of choice on the list prepared in advance, and this is another feature distinguishes this unique hotel.And not only that, but the hotel's founder allocates 10 percent of room revenue and five per cent of the resorts profits and restaurants for the charity where donated to the Foundation "Inspirasia" and are "Annika Linden" Foundation previously and established "Mark" in honor of his fiancee, which received that died in a nightclub in Bali bombings in 2002.This luxurious resort features ten exclusive suites spread over three villas on the golden sands of this beautiful region in Thailand
creativity famous "Graham Lamb," the designer, and each one of which includes the living area and the bedroom, which are completely different from the rest of the rooms where each of which is characterized by designs of architecture traditional Thai blended with contemporary forms created by designers from Spain, Britain and South America.

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