Photos of the most beautiful 5 cities to spend a romantic holiday love

There are many ways to spend the holiday love romantic, there are those who prefer to spend eating dinner in a quiet atmosphere, and watching a romantic movie, and there are those who prefer gifts and flowers and candy, as there who has a willingness to travel to a new place and is characterized by its beauty and tranquility His romance to spend the holiday love does not forget. 
If you are from these people, we offer you the most beautiful 5 cities to spend the holiday with a special love of the one you love:
1. Petra, Jordan:

This archaeological place is characterized by charm and His romance and specifically in the night, 
and is one of the best places possible to love and spend the holiday without significant cost.

2. Chefchaouen, Morocco:

Featuring small blue of its buildings in the north-west of Morocco, and you can walk around and you're like in the rocky streets, or visit the restaurants and cafes for a great romantic evening.

3. Ubud, Indonesia:

Site enjoys absolute tranquility and breathtaking beauty of nature, and there is no better than that love to spend holiday with the one you love.

4. Zanzibar, Taszaka:

Enjoy the warm atmosphere in February, and blue skies, and the Pacific coast. As you can enjoy with the one you love to visit "bazaars" where local restaurants.

5. Arequipa, Peru:

Featuring wonderful Btaamha, and dazzling buildings, and also contains a wide places for hiking and touring with the one you love.

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