How tea cups look at the different peoples?

To drink tea and high central place when most of the peoples of the world and is considered one of the most important in many ways hospitality and expression of welcome. Method of cooking and presenting between different countries vary, and include appearances and flavors and odors and a variety of delicacies. Therefore,  today we would like to go on a long trip tea cup at the various countries of the world, and you collected 20 of the finest tea cups.
Begin your journey appetite and beautiful ...

1.  Kuwait
FEATURES: Black tea sometimes boiled with cardamom and saffron 
Tea in Kuwait

2. South Africa FEATURES: Alroibus tea plant is characterized by red, turquoise amazing 
Tea in South Africa

3. Argentina FEATURES: yerba mate tea is common in the countries of the South American continent 
Tea in Argentina

4. Tibet FEATURES: Includes tea milk, salt and yak butter 
Tea in Tibet

5.  Malaysia
 FEATURES: black tea with sugar and milk and offers cool 
Tea in Malaysia

6.  Morocco
FEATURES: tea with mint 
Tea in Morocco

7. China FEATURES: China's many types of tea, including green tea, jasmine tea
Tea in China

8. IndiaFEATURES: boiled tea with sugar, saffron, cardamom and milk
Tea in India

9.  United States
FEATURES: Lipton tea with sugar and lemon and a little baking soda
Tea in the United States

10. Japan FEATURES: green tea leaves high quality crushed
Tea in Japan

11. Bakistan FEATURES: boiled tea with sugar, saffron, cardamom and milk
Tea in Bakistan

12.  Britain
FEATURES: Black tea is added him hot milk 
Tea in Britain

13.  Thailand
FEATURES: Includes blend traditional Thai tea and add him milk and ice 
Tea in Thailand

14.  Turkey
FEATURES: black tea with sugar 
Tea in Turkey

15. Taiwan FEATURES: tea with milk and tapioca balls; offers cold or hot
Tea in Taiwan

16. Kenya FEATURES: Black tea is simple 
Tea in Kenya

17. Hong Kong FEATURES: black tea with boiling milk and ice cubes 
Tea Jong Kong

18.   Egypt
FEATURES: black tea with mint tea and sometimes ginger 
Tea in Egypt

19. Mongolia FEATURES: Includes tea salt and milk
Tea in Mongolia

20. Russia 
FEATURES: Black tea offers the privacy of a machine called Acommovar 

Tea in Russia

Join us any comments below is the most beautiful cup of tea have!

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