22 advice you should know before you travel!

23 coolest Travel Tips

A large section of travelers and travelers suffer from some of the things related to travel and lead Bcntp these complications for many questions in the pre-travel. So you collected 22 of the best tips, which include solutions for most of the problems faced by the traveler before traveling. Enjoy!
1.  Fold clothes Bdhrjtha are tubular, thus acquires clothing lowest possible size.

1 coolest Travel Tips

2. Exercise Day before traveling until the degree of exhaustion. So refrain from injury Baljit League.
2 coolest Travel Tips

3. In order not complicated contract (chain is) led him through a straw drink, thus maintains its shape.
3 coolest travel tips

4. Disconnect between your shoes dirty and the rest of your clothes clean by a plastic bag or bath hair cover.
The coolest travel tips 5

5. in the background of many of the chairs airlines find relationship enables you to suspend some of your stuff in front of you.
4 coolest travel tips

6. provide lightweight Blvhp in order to be ready in case differed weather.
6 coolest travel tips

7. Keep refreshing scent clothes by throwing paper in the bottom of the drying scented bag.
7 coolest Travel Tips

8. Remember cans lenses are the best way to carry make-up with you on board the Flyer.
7 coolest travel tips

77 coolest Travel Tips

9. Put gifts away some money for their time of need in a tube drug user.
9 coolest travel tips

10.  In order not to lose any of my favorite earrings eared saved right shirt.
10 coolest Travel Tips

11. Use cans Remember solid glasses to withstand electric trucks.
13 coolest Travel Tips

12. Put the valve or forceps on the razor blade so as not to tear you to any of the other purposes.
The coolest travel tips 14

13. Use the valve or forceps to keep the headphones a better way.
15 coolest Travel Tips

14. handles hot bowls are excellent for preserving hair dryers.
16 coolest Travel Tips

15. Go where to save the soap wrapped in a towel by the small hand.
The coolest travel tips 17

16. Instead of buying toothpaste small in each new travel. Fill out the old tube
18 coolest Travel Tips

17. Create folders powder bath is sufficient travel time is not.
19 coolest Travel Tips

18. Save the toothpaste in the eyes of an old packet drops.
20 coolest Travel Tips

19. ancient medicine boxes are excellent travel envelopes versatile.
21 coolest Travel Tips

20. adhesive paper is the best way to prevent spills in the bag.
22 coolest Travel Tips

21. obliged to take formal shirt suit the objectives? Keep Dome Shirt by belt pantsuits.
23 coolest Travel Tips

Join us any comments below is the coolest advice you have! 

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