Pictures | crane turn into a luxurious hotel in the Netherlands

Buildings, hotels and places that are built in different, but you heard of the hotel was designed and built over lever freely a height of 50 meters?

"It Varalada" hotel in the city of Amsterdam, which the British newspaper Daily Mail reported that consists of three luxury moving wings, each of which carries a distinctive character, and a crane weighing about 250 tonnes and offers a magnificent view of visitors to the hotel.
In addition to the dining hall and suites luxury hotel, Crane provides an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to hold meetings at high altitudes away from the noise.
The luxury suites hotel leverage the most expensive in the Netherlands, where developers boast that they spent more than a million dollars on each of them, and the cost of accommodation which is about $ 580 per night.
For reservations and inquiries you can access the following link:
The newspaper quoted a spokeswoman for the hotel Edwin Korn Man Rudy as saying: "After years of preparation and processing is no way to retreat, this hotel is unparalleled in the world."
It is noteworthy that this hotel is built on the crane, "Lute", was out of service.

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