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Although the airline is keen to provide excellent services to its customers from the wealthy and celebrities and businessmen, but that some of them would prefer the acquisition of a private jet desire to get the privacy that aims of, and racing for aircraft production companies to offer the best deals and the design of private jets featuring luxury and provide all the comfort and luxury items, and in the following list to identify the most expensive private jets and owned by some of the wealthy and celebrity:

10. Challenger 600 ($ 5 million)
Ownership of these aircraft exorbitant return the price to Joyce Meyer, a fiancee and a writer, it's also the author of the bestseller as classified by the New York Times Magazine, and has has authored more than 80 books translated mostly to more than 80 different languages ​​and more than 12 million copies distributed of them around the world and sold millions of copies of them every year, it is also held several conferences each year and has a television program, and Joyce used the aircraft in flight many.
9. Hawker 4000 ($ 22 million)
Ownership of these aircraft back to Sergio Garcia and is a golfer Spanish professional bought this plane for $ 22 million, and used mostly in travel to and from competitions, said Sergio The plane allow him access to his destination safely, and quickly.
8. Embraer Legacy 650 ($ 30 million)
Despite the extreme modesty, acquired superstar Jackie Chan this plane in order to move out, especially to the jungles of Cambodia, and may cost $ 30 million, and even distinct from the rest of the aircraft added to a distinctive emblem symbolizes China.
7. Bompardier- BD-700 at a price ($ 45 million)
Global Express or Bombardier BD-700 is the choice of Bill Gates's personal flight, but not for free time, he uses this plane, which cost him $ 45 million for activities related to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
6. Sukhoi Superjet 100 ($ 50 million)
Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft and seems to be the largest among all the other private aircraft, particularly as it can accommodate up to 100 people, and can be acquired by those who claim special modifications.
5. Bombardier Global 8000 ($ 66 million)
These special boasts the lowest fuel burn and low emission levels compared to other private aircraft plane, and is certainly fit the wealthy who are thinking of preserving the environment, where they can do great on the board of this unique masterpiece.
4. Erpas- ACJ319 at a price of $ 80 million 
As is the case with other Airbus luxury aircraft, this plane, which has a list price of $ 80 million are adjustable, and is the bedroom en suite located at the rear of the plane, which can help you to save costs by not having to spend the night in hotel.
3. Boeing 757 ($ 100 million)
Boeing 757 aircraft, which are commonly used on commercial flights, but Donald Trump acquired at a price of $ 100 million to be used in repeated trips, and is characterized by Trump luxury plane where they were provided with seats and gold-plated belt and is available on all the luxuries.
2. Boeing 747-8-VIP at a price of $ 150 million
It is truly a mobile palace in the air, despite the fact that Boeing prevent disclosure of customers who acquire this luxury private jets, but it is likely that this plane is owned by one of the princes of the royal family in Saudi Arabia.
1. Airbus A380- at a price of $ 500 million
It's a modified Airbus aircraft entirely to fit its owner and is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and is characterized by a golden cabin where everything actually went inside.

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