Examine yourself: Do you know the origin of these delicacies?

12 in front of you a picture of dishes belonging to different peoples around the world. Examine yourself and discover Do you know any people follow each dish? The answers await you after each image.

Adsorbent mays of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan
1. adsorbent mays | Palestine, Syria , Lebanon , Jordan and Egypt

Sushi Japanese
2. Sushi | Japan 

PTT Gulf
3. push of meat | Gulf States 

Burritos Mexican
4. burritos | Mexico 

Spagetti Albomodoro Italian
5. spagetti Albomodoro | Italy 

Spanish dish Albaaaa
6. Albaaaa | Spain 

Moroccan tagine and Algerian and Tunisian
7. Tagine | Morocco , Algeria and Tunisia 

Swiss fondue
8. fondue | Switzerland 

Bad Tai Thai
9. Bad Tai | Thailand 

Snail Alaskarju French
10. Askarju | France 

Indian Curry
11. Carey | India 

Tunisian Shakshouka
12. Shakshouka | Tunisia 

How dish known by the -12? .. Get Involved comments below! 

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