Do you want the strangest tasting fruit in the world ?

Pineberry Germany
Live human on Earth, a charming globe, and works daily on pollution and sabotage by negative and selfish life style. On humanity must change its approach to the environment in which you live and seek health of coexistence between them and the rest of the organisms like animals and plants and trees. Today we take you an amazing journey exploring through the finest creations of nature, a strange and exciting scattered around the world fruit.  Saw pictures strangest fruit available to us on the face of the earth! 

1. Watermelon Alkiwanu | Africa

Watermelon Alkiwanu Africa

2. China Buddha hand | India
Buddha China India hand

3. mangosteen | Sunda Islands and the Moluccas
Mangosteen Sunda Islands and the Moluccas

4. Dragon Fruit | Mexico and Central America 
Dragon fruit Mexico, Central and South America, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh

5. Crisovelom | Greater Antilles
Crisovelom Greater Antilles

6. Jackfruit | India , Indonesia , Sri Lanka, Jamaica
Jackfruit India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Jamaica

7. Pineberry | Germany
Pineberry Germany

8. Kadi | Yemen , India, Australia and Saudi Arabia
Kadi Yemen, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia

9. Akebia quinata | Japan, China and Korea
Akebia quinata Japan, China, Korea

10. rambutan | Malaysia , Indonesia and Sri Lanka
Rambutan Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

11. fruit Passiflora | Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
Fruit Passiflora Brazil Paraguay, Argentina

12. Dorian Brunei | Malaysia and Indonesia
Dorian Brunei Indonesia Malaysia

13. sweet potato violet | across Asia
Purple sweet potato throughout Asia

14. Sugar-apple | Latin America and the islands of India
Sugar-apple Islands Latin America, India

15. Pomelo | Malaysia
Pomelo Malaysia

16. Noni | Indian subcontinent and the Pacific Islands and South East Asia
Noni Indian subcontinent and the Pacific Islands and South East Asia

Just write us any comments below is the most wonderful fruit have! 

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