Do all the tourist mythology real? Find out now!

Mwai giant statues
The occasion of the Bank in the name of the new year starts, we would like to disclose the facts in front of you from behind some legendary attractions around the world, so you know that it is not amazing and beautiful as it is rumored. 
Let us begin a journey of awakening and know which ideas of tourists who visited some of the legendary sites and want to join us the truth! 

myth No. 1. Blue Hole great | Belize
tourist Erica Bray: "I've traveled to practicing diving into this hole blue great in the middle of the ocean after that I heard from many it mandatory experience for all lovers of diving, but when I got it I was disappointed with what I saw; nothing! It's free of marine animals, and the degree of coldness up to a terrible grades and are difficult to reach by boat. For me the hole blue great in Belize is a waste of time at all ! "

.  Great Blue Hole 

 Myth No. 2. Bora Bora | French Polynesia

Tourist Bill Fink: "I can summarize my trip to the island of convalescence Bora Bora in one word only: boredom. It's beautiful, like thousands of other islands around the world, and there is no need to travel, especially to and pay high price output because of the mythical aura around it. The false myth There is not anything that distinguishes this island from the rest of the beautiful islands around the world. "

Bora Bora

Myth No. 3. Namibia Lodge Resort | Africa  

Tourist Laura Begley Bloom: "I've dreamed of the length of my days sleeping with my husband on a bed in a resort located amidst easy Africans, and predicted that it would be a romantic experience filled with the sounds of distant elephants that reaches the ear portable across open-African air. But in fact it is quite different; humidity Night unbearable, and the mosquitoes eat you along the hours of the night does not allow you to sleep, and finally fall asleep when the sun shines and Thriqk strongly rays. So, it is a difficult experience for the civilized man .. "

Namibia Lodge Resort

Myth No. 4. Mwai giant statues | Easter Island

Tourist Christine Hansen: "When one sees images sunset at the site of the statues Mwai legendary Easter Island, it seems like the most charming and full of meditation experience can do, but in fact, it is difficult for tourists to this sunset watching alone, being a popular tourist attraction and destination for many tourists daily Therefore all hotels on the island completely booked. The conclusion is that not all image shows the location looks like a quiet and magical is actually well, sometimes destroy human magic. "

Mwai giant statues

Myth No. 5: Stonehenge | England

Tourist Jenny Adams: "I will not forget to visit this ancient rocks legendary accompanied my family and I was 7 years only. When we got to the location on the hill, we began to wonder if this just an artificial model of real rocks or Is this true? That sums up my experience with the rocks of Stonehenge which may not even Badhash child 7 years old only. "  

This article is an excerpt from article in the Yahoo site.

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