Amazing snow sculptures in America

تماثيل الثلج 3

I've known the family from Minnesota Pettmathilha distinctive American-built annually in the winter. This unique sculptures is a giant statues of Snow White and the net which are built on the land of the large garden of their home. These sculptures won international fame because of its beauty and enjoy the day of many fans around the world who follow the news on the Facebook account here . 

Saw this amazing Iimathil through group erotic pictures ... 
tortoise statue ..
Snow sculptures 1

Statue shark ..
Snow sculptures 2

Snow sculptures 3

Snow sculptures 4

Snow sculptures 5

Walrus statue .. 
Snow sculptures 6

Snow sculptures 7

Statue fish Alinvokhih ..
Snow sculptures 8

Join us any comments below is the most beautiful statue in your opinion!

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