Visit these sites around the world before the 30th generation!


Our world is filled with wonderful possibilities to travel to interesting and beautiful tourism sites, and is characterized by each one of these possibilities airspace and landscapes. While there are sites in the world suitable for all generations, there are other sites suited to certain generations without the other; for example, some of the sites around the world suitable for trips with children being full of family services and events entertainment for children, and other locations around the world fit the Golden Jubilee of age and those who are looking for a comfortable and quiet tourism .
This article specializes in wonderful travel sites that fit all of it without the Thirty Years generation, being ideal for individuals and not for couples, or being difficult in terms of physical effort required, or because the necessary Spirit Youth for such trips.
So you collected 30 sites around the world are advised to visit him before the thirtieth generation.

1. New York | United States
New York, United States
2. Berlin | Germany
Berlin, Germany
3. Tokyo | Japan
Tokyo, Japan
4. Machu Picchu town or castle lost | Peru
Machu Picchu town or castle lost Peru
5. India 
 6.  Beirut | Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon
 7.  Barcelona | Spain
Barcelona, ​​Spain
 8. Sonora Desert | Arizona | United States
Sonora Desert Arizona United States
 9. New Zealand
New zealand
 10.  Paris | France
Paris, France
 11. Cape Town | South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
 12. River and the Amazon | US South
The Amazon River and South America
 13. Polar | Alaska Twilight 
Alaska (2)
14.  Rome | Italy
Rome, Italy
 15. Victoria Falls | Zambia and Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe
 16. Ait Ben Haddou | Morocco
Ait Ben Haddou Morocco
 17. Jamaica
 18. Galapagos Archipelago | Ecuador
Ecuador's Galapagos archipelago
 19. Ireland
 20.  Sidi Bou Said | Tunisia
Sidi Bou Said Tunisia
21. Chichen Itza | Mexico 
Chichen Itza Mexico
 22. Iceland
 23.  Dead Sea | Jordan and Palestine
Dead Sea, Jordan, Palestine
 24.  Dubai | UAE
Dubai UAE
 25. Great Wall of China | China
China Great Wall of China
 26. Singapore
 27. Colombia
 28. Himalayan | Asia Mountains
Himalayan Mountains of Asia
29. Big Sur Coast | California | United StatesBig Sur coast of California, United States
 30.  Chefchaouen | Morocco
Chefchaouen Morocco

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