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The newspaper "Daily Mail" British published, photographer report hotel Swede made of snow, the anniversary of the reconstructed 25th, where you choose a specialized committee group of craftsmen sculpture and engineers from among hundreds of applicants to participate in transforming their ideas and their imaginations selected to works of art, adorned corners of rooms and suites .
The hotel is located in the City "Yukasear" Swedish, located some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, and described the hotel newspaper; as "architectural and engineering marvel," fully built of ice and ice cubes, and will open its doors to customers in late December.

The newspaper pointed out; that built the hotel takes 8 weeks per year, each with a private room in which distinguishes it from the rest of the rooms artistic idea, and continue this construction firm about three months to March, before it causes high temperatures in the melting in April.
The hotel consists of 61 rooms, as well as sculptures of figures and animals is legendary, and will create a restaurant dedicated to the celebration hall, in addition to the theater for the show, the hotel will provide a number of recreational activities  such as skiing and sightseeing tours, and will be provided with each room furnishings thick skin customized sleeping bags, to enable guests withstand very low temperatures, and are installed at 7 degrees below zero.

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