Pictures | tour in the private ski Palace Richard Branson

Publication of the American site "Business Insider" video report, from the inside ski chalet owned by British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group, "Richard Branson", which is called the "Lodge", which is a component of 9 palace bedrooms, and can rent a value ranging between 88 thousand and $ 180 thousand in the week, according to the season.Palace is famous for the existence of an internal masseuse, chef featured, in addition to a range of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and there are palace in Verbier village, which is one of the most famous villages in the Swiss Alps region, and can be for visitors and tourists who want accommodation to reach him through skiing, and there is a place Provision can keep it all the kits and tools skiing.The palace is as big as the size and breadth of its area as can accommodate up to 18 people and 6 adult children, and there are the living room and breadth Rahaptha atmosphere and provided a source of comfort and relaxation.During their stay there, a team of 12 chef works, including chef holds a Michelin star, to provide the best possible service to visitors, and included in the system of residence there for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three people, and Ohnak well as two wings main types found in each of them great places intended for heating, in addition to the bath tub itself independent basin, there are also dedicated space for children to play and have fun inside.

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