Looking at the night sky through a picturesque 20 rare image!

Exotic colors, exciting and the stars, the moon and the magician .. all of which appear on the screen the beautiful night sky.  Let us come up with an exciting trip Lets travel around the world and see how the sky looks at night from various locations around the globe!

Sky No. 1. Yukon Territory CanadaCanada's Yukon territory

Sky No. 2. Aurora Borealis
Aurora borealis

Sky No. 3. Patagonia | Argentina
Patagonia Argentina

Sky No. 4. Lake Dampeling | Australia

Lake Dampeling Australia

Sky Center No. 5. Search for aliens

Find aliens Center

Sky No. 6. Mount Cook | New Zealand

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Sky No. 7. Nebraska | United States

Nebraska United States

Sky No. 8. Mount Rila | Bulgaria

Mount Rila Bulgaria

Sky No. 9. Southern Finland

Southern Finland

Sky No. 10. Polar | Iceland Twilight

Aurora Borealis Iceland

Sky No. 11. Norway


Sky No. 12. Iceland


Sky No. 13. Easter Island

Easter Island

Sky No. 14. Denver | Colorado | United States

Denver, Colorado, United States

Sky No. 15. Milky Way galaxy as seen from Australia

Milky Way galaxy as seen from Australia

Sky No. 16. Unknown


Sky No. 17. New Mexico | United States

New Mexico, United States

Sky No. 18. Utah | United States

Utah United States

Sky 19. stones Klainc | Lewis | Scotland

Stone Klainc Louis Scotland

Sky No. 20. We are neighbors and the moon .. 


Join us any comments below do you think is the most beautiful sky! 

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