Identified the cities built on the cliffs!

What is the reason that makes human risk building above the cliffs? Is it a sense of security? Adventure? Escape from enemies?

Adventure Trip site brings you the most beautiful of these cities; they saw below! 

Rbumagero | Italy
Rbumagero Italy
Santorini | Greece
Santorini Greece
Wadi Dawan | Yemen
Wadi Dawan Yemen
Meteora | Greece
Meteora Greece
Rocamadour | France
Rocamadour France
Manarola | Italy
Manarola Italy
Manarola Italy 1
Cordes | France
Cordes France
Veliko Tarnovo | Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria
Vernazza | Italy
Vernazza Italy
Fbernassa Italy
Sintra | Portugal
Sintra Portugal
Civita di Bagnorigio | Italy
Civita di Bagnorigio Italy
Santorini | Greece
Santorini Greece 1
Rhonda | SpainRhonda Spain
Rhonda Spain 1

Haraz | Yemen
Haraz Yemen
Pitigliano | Italy
Pitigliano Italy 1
Pitigliano Italy
Piedao | Portugal
Piedao Portugal
Positano | Italy
Positano Italy
Alhjara | Yemen
Alhjara Yemen

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