Pictures | Learn -Iglu-Dorf- hotel made of ice, Switzerland



Every winter re-build "Iglu-Dorf" hotel in Switzerland, with 3,000 tons of snow, and the six start sites of the Alps to the Pyrenees, with romantic suites candlelight, and rooms Kabbanah, in addition to the pool for outdoor Guest bravest, and steam baths between the mountains.The hotel opens from holiday Christmas Day to April of each year, and the walls are carved the most beautiful works of art from around the world, guests and sleeps at each site and the number "38 guest"; a thick designed to withstand the temperature sheep carpets up to 40 below zero in a comfortable sleeping bags , In the morning, guests find a huge buffet of croissants, meats, pastries, cereals, cheese, coffee, according to the "Daily Mail".
Company owner of the hotel says that 99% of its guests choose to stay for just one night, explaining; "We do not recommend more than one night to the lack of ongoing or places of water for bathing," The cost per night from Monday to Thursday: "99 euros", while Friday 115 euros to Sunday. "


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