Do you like James Bond? The most important sites button filming his movies!

James Bond 007
I saw many generations around the world series fictional British spy movies, James Bond, who finished the big screen since 1962 to the present day. These films were issued after the publication of the novel of the same name novelist Ian Fleming.  Funding for this terrible Bmlaan of dollars over the years, movies have been filmed in several distinct sites, and therefore we would like to share with you a list of these sites collect months.  

Film: From Russia with Love Name (1963)
imaging site: Albreljk ground tank, Istanbul , Turkey,
information about the site: built due to the reign of the Byzantine Empire in the sixth century, the largest water tank is located under the surface of the land of Istanbul. 
Ground Albreljk, Istanbul, Turkey tank

 Movie Name: gold finger (1964)
imaging site: Fontenblao Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, United States 
information about the site: This is one of the most important American buildings in the twentieth century the hotel, and is rumored that when the construction was defined as the most luxurious hotel in the United States and most spectacular architecturally. 

Fontenblao Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, United States
 Movie Name: You Only Live Twice (1967)
imaging site: Himeji Castle, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, 
information about the site: considered a national treasure of Japan being recorded as one of the first world heritage of UNESCO sites in Japan. Is due to be built in 1333 AD.  
Himeji Castle, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

 Movie Name: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
imaging site: biz Gloria Restaurant, Chelthorn summit, Switzerland,
information about the site: This restaurant is located on the highest peak in the Alps in the south of Switzerland, which is a circular restaurant revolves 360 degrees and overlooks the landscaped fictional .
Gloria restaurant biz, Chelthorn summit, Switzerland

 Movie Name: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
imaging site: Island of James Bond, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand, 
information about the site: become this island after appearing in the film one of the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand and you can see the attractions associated with the film to this day on the site . 
James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

 Movie Name: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
imaging site: Giza Plateau, Giza, Egypt 
information about Location: Located just outside the limits of Cairo and is the headquarters of the famous ancient Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, of the seven wonders of the world. 
Giza Plateau, Giza, Egypt

 Movie Name: For Your Eyes Only (1981)
imaging site: Holy Trinity Monastery, Meteora, Greece, 
information about the site: This monastery is famous worldwide because of its charming reality on the summit of Mount green and bewitching. Famous album in 2003 the name of this mountain - Meteora, "Linkin Park" band launched. 
Holy Trinity Monastery, Meteora, Greece

 Movie Name: Octopussy (1983)
imaging site: Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India 
information about the site: the title of this distinctive hotel built of marble, the most romantic hotel in India and the world title, it is the center of the lake and is accessible by speedboat. 
Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

 Movie Name: A View to a Kill (1985) 
imaging site: golf horse racing at Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom 
information about the site: plush horse racing venues in the United Kingdom, it is advisable to visit during the annual Royal racing games when you mean the Queen and her family. 
Stadium horse race in Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom 

 Movie Name: license to kill (1989)
Photography: Museum and the home of American writer Ernest Hemingway site, Key West, Florida, United States 
information about the site: If you have a trip convalescence in Key West; one of the finest luxury recreational areas in the United States, do not miss a visit home and the Museum of the Nobel Prize winner for writing. 
Museum and the home of American writer Ernest Hemingway, Key West, Florida, United States

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