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Cave of Altamira

Have you been to these monuments Spanish? Battuta site would like to take you on an exciting journey in the wake of the greatest treasures from the Spanish deployed on the territory charming! 
Start amazing track list and explore the treasures of Spain twelve that have been selected by the citizens of Spain ..

Treasure No. 1. Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba |   Cordoba 
Is one of the most important Islamic architecture in Spain and landmarks site combines Christian and Islamic architecture being watched many changes in terms of Asthaddamha, was a temple to the Gentiles and then a mosque and then a church. It declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. 

Mosque of Cordoba Cathedral

Treasure No. 2.  Altamira Cave | Santillana del Mar
Is one of the oldest caves decorated with drawings in the world. Dates back to the late Stone Age and displays drawings deer and bison bulls numerous colorful color. 

Cave of Altamira
Treasure No. 3.  Cathedral of Seville | Seville 
The largest Catholic cathedral in the world and the location of the tomb of the famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. It declared a World Heritage site in 1987. 

Seville Cathedral
Treasure No. 4.  Alhambra | Granada
Of the most famous palaces of the world's most Onaqh, is considered one of the most important of Spain's historic landmarks. It declared a World Heritage site as an archaeological teacher unique combines Spanish civilization and Islamic civilization Arabic through the art of architecture. 

Treasure No. 5.  Nuestra Cathedral Siniora del Pilar | Zaragoza
Announced by the late Pope John Paul II, the Virgin Mary Cathedral or Jesus, Since that is the first cathedral was consecrated to the Virgin Mary. 

Nuestra Siniora del Pilar Cathedral

Treasure No. 6.  Teide National Park | Tenerife | Canary Islands 
Located in the famous island of Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands and declared a UNESCO World Heritage site being one of the most important geological features in the world. 

Teide National Park
Treasure No. 7.  Roman theater | Merida
Located in Merida is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Build it back to the year 16 BC, and still is today the development of an excellent and held a different theater. 

Roman theater
Treasure No. 8.  Santiago de Compostela Cathedral |   Santiago de Compostela
These included the cathedral, accompanied by the city of Santiago de Compostela, located where the World Heritage site. Cathedral High Catholic shrine in the world being the burial of St. James the son of Zebedee site which is one of the disciples of Jesus twelve. 

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Treasure No. 9.  City of Arts and Sciences | Valencia
Located in Valencia, different from all existing being a modern building represents a contemporary design and amazing. It was built according to the Mediterranean colors Kalozark dark and light and white that stands out through ponds and five buildings located within it. 

City of Arts and Sciences

Treasure No. 10.  Sagrada Família | Barcelona 
Of the most famous cathedrals Alm, located Barcelona's city center. Is not fully built until the present day, but is considered one of the finest Gothic architecture amazing models. This cathedral bearing the name of the Holy Family. 

Sagrada Família

Treasure No. 11.  Akoncha to Beach | San Sebastian
This beach is located in San Sebastian in the Basque region and is considered one of the most famous beaches in Europe, and is characterized by its beauty, which combines the perfect beach tourist town of his successor. 

To Akoncha Beach

Treasure No. 12.  Guggenheim Bilbao | Bilbao Museum
It is one of seven museums worldwide and deployed by the same name and include Berlin, New York and Venice, Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas cities. The museum is located in the city of Bilbao features the art of contemporary architecture, picturesque and is considered one of the most important museums of contemporary art in the world. 

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

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