Discover the most important tourist expectations for 2015!

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It looks as if 2015 will begin to significant changes in global tourism, which turns from tourism services for the benefit of tourists and gives them a great developments in the world of travel and trips.  before you the most important tourist outlook for 2015, Begin preparing for the next trip! 

1. turns "hostel" of simple dwellings to a distinctive and modern accommodation sites!   
famous for the role of young people around the world as a location for a stay of the tourists who have little money, and characterized this role Statistics available where and basic services. This changed in 2015, where some youth housing companies begin to Britain to improve its services and developed to include technological facilities and modern design, and this makes it a great location for families and adults. Now called Postalz the most important are; Postal Hwachs in liverpool , and Postal Clinic 78 in London , the company Jnator deployed in Britain and Ireland. 

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2. electronic devices wearable leading global tourism trade  some electronic devices wearable will become like a smart time and glasses Google Home of the device in the field of tourism, trade and tourism advertising around the world, and you can see the contents of tourism which, in addition to also book. 

The most important tourist outlook for 2015

3. restaurants move into homes of the locals! Looking for Betty and scrumptious dinner far from your family during your trip? Several locations around the world offer the possibility of communication between tourists and locals who offer the possibility of having dinner in their home at a price of 25 euros and includes dinner and three delicious meals. 

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4. biking changed golf tourism in the American continentsin the last period began Sport rode bikes around golfing at the elderly in the American continents, and therefore it is expected that abound large amount of tourism cycling across continents in 2015. 

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5. filming Alselva in hotels him prizes! 
many hotels around the world begin to provide guidance and awards for tourists who are staying out and portray images selfie "rear and the hotel", then unload them on their personal accounts in social networks. 

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 6. Africa become the capital surfing !!Africa will become the beaches main headquarters of the practice of "surfing" - a sport surf; and this is thanks to many resorts and vocational centers which opens branches there and available in the accompanying services to the sport interesting, and also because of the giant in the shores of the waves Africa picturesque. 

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7. Middle East attracts tourists art and design from around the worldwill witness the Middle East, huge numbers of international tourists who are looking at the art and design in all areas, and who are traveling to countries in the Middle East - and in particular the United Arab Emirates   - because of museums, galleries and centers brilliant design that opens it. (Image: New Design Museum in Dubai ). 

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