Swedish hotel gives you free accommodation in exchange for 2000 Friend on Facebook


It seems that the large number of friends on "Facebook" will have the benefit Finally, the Swedish Hotel announced the granting of a free stay for a full week, each user of the famous social networking site over a number of his friends about 2,000 people.
According to the Daily Mirror, the hotel "Nordic Life," which is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, decided to accept a large number of friends on Facebook, to pay the bills stay at the hotel instead of cash, and can people the most popular on the site, enjoy a vacation paid in the hotel.
The hotel is usually earns about $ 400 per night, but that will not apply to prove that the number of friends on Facebook than in 2000 required a minimum friend.
The offer will not be limited to Facebook friends, but the hotel also announced that it will provide free accommodation for people who number more than in Instagram 100 thousand, as well as the case for those earning more than 100 thousand impressive public Facebook page.
Even those who have not yet reached the required minimum can take advantage of the show, where the hotel offers a resolution of 15% if the number of friends on Facebook in 1500, and 10% if the number reached 1000, and 5% if the number does not exceed 500 friends.
The same applies to Instagram, offering discounts of up to 15% if the number of observers for 15,000, and 10% if exceeded 10,000, and only 5% when the number of followers of no more than 5,000.

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