Pictures | What makes the capital of Hungary, is a mystery for travelers

Since the flight of the Beast began to Buda "cities across the Danube by the unit in 1873"; find written history in every corner and angle, people walking with dogs, others are preparing for work, and the fantastic scenery of the performance of the public transport system, as well as companies and stores open in Tamam ten in the morning.
Through the sights of the city; "Heroes Square Heroes Square", the most exciting place in the city, including the beautiful cafes, restaurants, theaters and luxury shops.
Also a tour of the Danube River Tree where city's most famous landmarks; "Parliament Building, the Statue of Liberty, thermal spas, the historic Chain Bridge, then there Fisherman's Bastion" Fisherman's Bastion "complex towers, built in the beginning of the twentieth century, and gives you a panoramic view of the city.
Down to the Central Market and one of the largest markets in the city; where you can find meat, fruits and vegetables, in addition to souvenir shops.

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