Pictures | See how the aircraft will look like in 2050

To deal with this problem, Almhnson and airlines is working to develop a new concept of flight, depending on the electric power and biofuels, according to the British newspaper the Daily Mail.
The aircraft will also form inspired by nature, and computers that are operated by smarter, and there will be a large number of them.
He noted Professor Ash Dove Jay researcher in aviation science at the University of Bristol that crucial next step will be a commercial aircraft conversion to rely entirely on electricity and biofuels, with the aim of reducing the ratio of carbon gas, nitrogen and other toxic gases to zero, to turn the aviation system to an environmentally friendly full system.
But achieving all this will not be easy in the short term, as the researchers to overcome the problem of the supply of aircraft batteries for electric power generation, able to secure the capacity can carry great weight of the aircraft, passengers and luggage, as well as the survival of these batteries for a relatively long period without the need to Shipping, especially on long journeys.

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