Pictures | Milestone Hotel Kensington .. one of the best palaces in the world to stay

"Milestone Kensington Milestone Hotel Kensington Hotel" on "Kensington" garden adjacent to the famous Garden Hyde Park in London, features the hotel's location in close proximity to many attractions such as museums and hall "Royal Albert Hall" as well as to the bladders of shops "Harrods" and "Harvey Nichols "The number of stores that persuaded shopping lovers.
The hotel features a restaurant Cheneston; which offers traditional appetite cooked foods in the hands of an elite of skilled chefs using organic produce and products from local sources whenever possible also helps chefs to meet the individual applications, and lounge music enables a resident to enjoy tea traditional afternoon on the British way in front of a stone fireplace .
The front of the hotel have a unique design makes it a treasure architect of the nineteenth century, with interior design aristocratic's 44 rooms, 22 suites, and 6 stylish apartments for long stays, and the beautiful thing is that all housing units differ from those in the design and furnishing style, which gives the stay at this hotel more uniqueness and distinction, except for the fingerprint romantic elegance that will lend a spirit of comfort and luxury of the classic luxury furniture fabrics, rare antiques, flowers daily natural, as two of his staff the hotel is made of hospitality and service every guest of his guests and to meet all his demands over 24 hours, and the advantage of other services generally Ktager cars, currency exchange, and provides a swimming pool, gym and spa, and allow Allowed upon request.
In addition to the advantage of the hotel's policy to provide special attention to children who provides them with a private family, and food children of an appropriate type, and choices of a variety of juices, delicious and nutritious, in addition to providing a nanny when needed, and they can go on a tour under the supervision of specialized personnel, and do not require the establishment of children under the age of one year basic fees or costs.

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