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Luxury and nature meet in welfare "Gaya Island" resort, which is a quiet haven surrounded by coral reefs and sandy beaches, and includes a 5-star resort in the outdoor swimming pool and offers yoga classes and spa village convenient.
It has a spacious air-conditioned villas on a private veranda with a large day beds, and you can enjoy a flat-screen 
TV and a minibar in the separate living room, and en suite bathrooms include a large-sized bathtub.
Gaya Island Resort in Pulau Gaya Island is located within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on the other side
 of the coast of Borneo, and is just 15 minutes away by speedboat from the Marina Sutera Harbour, 
and the port is a 15-minute drive from Kota Kinabalu Airport.
Guests can enjoy sports activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling on the beach, can also be day
 trips and bird-watching trips in the concierge desk arrangement.
Feast Village offers a poolside restaurant actually the best local and international cuisine from 3 kitchens 
and wine cellars offers its own wine, and offers Fisherman's Cove Restaurant located on the surface 
of fresh seafood, and you can enjoy cocktails at the pool bar lounge.
Complete privacy in luxurious villas in the resort holds a 5-star hotel in Gaya Island, off Kota
 Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo.
Royal Wings in Bunga Raya Island Resort

Royal Suites area of 6,500 feet and consists of a two-bedroom guest enjoys complete privacy surrounded 
by tropical jungle on the part of the South China Sea and on the other hand. And built a solid and elegant 
manner made ​​of tropical hardwood in Borneo traditional style. And present both a personal butler, chef 
to be in the service of the guests around the clock.

Many of the elegant villa angles include food as a room, a comfortable living room, a kitchen designer 
and accurately as well as the surface of a large ship with two bathrooms, two swimming pools and a villa
 belonging to the angle of the Shui with stunning views of the sea.
Palm Villa in Gayana Eco Resort

is the size of the palm of Villa one bedroom 0.1650 feet up to show the wonderful sea and panoramic
 basement consists of a living room and a private swimming pool up to the sea, and breakfast is served by boat.

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