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Regained Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen winning numerous awards childhood memories scenes from his hometown through an amazing set of pictures entitled: Canada ghost train.
This unique series of its kind vast natural and diverse and beautiful of Canada landscapes show charming manner, stretching Canada at an estimated distance of 8,000 km (5,000 miles), and amazing really that a lot of people like to cross the country from sea to sea, either by car or bike, train or boat, and passengers can enjoy the various landscapes that spread across throughout this beautiful country which vary terrain to include the vast plains and high peaks and seas, forests, which form a panoramic image Do not forget, and confirms Friesen Trains Trans-Canada is similar to large rivers flow limit and are among the rocks, mountains and waterfalls Lvov and green landscapes.

Cuckold Cove, Newfoundland
This photograph was taken at the end of June in full of whales, birds and all kinds of weather day.
Beach Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Great view and a mix of beautiful colors to some extent Dazzling

Autumn Forest, Nova Scotia 
Acadian forest solid Nova Scotia-like rows of yellow flames in the fall.
Fog Forest of Fundy, New Bruswick
And a small valley near the Bay of Fundy granted humidity Luna beautiful green 

Moses crossing, Quebec 
high crossing at La Mauricie National Park. 

Cascade Gatineau, Quebec, 
the Canadian train crosses a bridge risky in Luskville Falls in Gatineau Park.
Harvest Gold, Manitoba
Wheat already appears like the tails of foxes with glowing sky, beautiful scenery 
Light Prairie, Prairie Light Manitoba
This prairie look and is spread over an area of ​​endless summer under sunny skies and storm clouds in the same now
Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Landscape of red rocks are rare in most of Canada, but they are common in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, here in the Five Islands Provincial Park.

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