Pictures | best outdoor rinks for skating in Britain

Winchester Cathedral

1. Eden Project Eden Project
Eden Project
Popular ice rink in Cornwall offers ski lessons for the inexperienced
2. Circuit Princes Street Gardens Princes Street Gardens
This ring is located under the big wheel and surrounded by the famous skyline of Edinburgh
3-Hampton Court Palace
HCP Ice Rink 5
Ski ideal for romantic dates circuit
4-Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral
Ski under the cathedral, and can be non-skiers shopping for Christmas.
5- Winter Wonderland Cardiff
Winter Wonderland, Cardiff
Near this ring hungry skiers can eat foods, as well as hot drinks.
6- Winter Wonderland Hyde Park
Winter Wonderland Hyde Park
Skating on the Victorian porch lit by more than 100 000 of lights.
7-Somerset House
Somerset House
Ski and enjoy cocktails and DJ music at night
8-Museum of Natural History
Natural History Museum
Ski with dinosaurs in one of the most famous circuits in the UK
9-Royal Suite
Royal Pavilion, Brighton
Ice rink-friendly environment in Brighton using green energy to freeze the ice
10. London Eye
Skating and ice dancing next to this famous teacher in London

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