Pictures: Mount Fuji outstanding clouds and snow in Japan


Mount Fuji (Japanese: 富士山 = Fuji San), the highest peak in Japan, with a height of 3,776 meters. Can be seen in the mountain air wakefulness of the Japanese capital Tokyo.
Despite its appearance, which suggests calm, due to its strategic location and distance from urban areas, the establishment of the Japanese space observatory at the top of the mountain summit.
Mount Fuji is located at the confluence of the plate with the Eurasian plate and the Philippine plate Oktsuk point. Where these three plates form the western part of Japan, the eastern part of Japan and the Izu Peninsula respectively. Mount Fuji is also one of the largest volcanoes inert and another blast him in 1707 AD and later never explodes.
The Mount Fuji from one of the most prominent geographical features in Japan, where the height of Mount Fuji 3776 meters and is surrounded by five lakes, and is located near the island of Honshu on the Pacific coast, on the border between the provinces of Shizuoka and Yamanashi, and is surrounded by three cities are Gotimba to the south, Fuji Yoshida to the north, and to the south-west Vuginumia. Weather in Mount Fuji is very cold and the snow covers the peak along the winter period. Minimum temperature of -38.0 ° C, while the highest temperature recorded in June 2008 increased by 17.8 ° C. [1]

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