In pictures: the longest and harshest and Ohac desert road in the world !!

Almost "through the desert of Tarim Tarim Desert Highway" in China to be one of the most desolate roads in the world, Vtoulh of 552 km and does not contain only a small number of workers houses working on maintenance in addition to the gas station in the middle of the road, was built in two years and was completed him in 1995 and is considered the desert environment, which opened up a very harsh way amounts to heat in the winter, 20 degrees Celsius below zero and in the summer to 50 degrees Celsius.
In order to prevent the sand from crawling road has been planted along the sides of the road paving belt vegetarian geometric manner of herbs, and some plants are watered by irrigation water giant very system in order to prevent the sand from covering the road.
the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_07 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_06 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_04 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_08 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_01 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_02 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_03 the_longest_desert_highway_in_the_world_640_05
The Chinese did not think in this way, but building boom after the oil trade and the emergence of the need in the way of the telly to oil refineries and other Chinese Alamatq So play this way an active role in the commercial transportation of goods in China in the past two decades.

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