Top 20 cities around the world to watch the street art - graffiti

Sao Paulo, Brazil artist Eduardo Cobra

Famous for Paris, London, Rome, Madrid and Tokyo as sites key to view the important classical works of art displayed in the large museums, while other cities famous for the art of the street known as "Graffiti". We collected you the best 20 cities around the world to see these works of art, which occupies the walls of buildings, bridges and sidewalks .. folk art available to all free of charge. Enjoy! 
New York  |  United States New York United States this artist Dusty Rebel photographer Daniel Albanisa
Artist: The Dusty Rebel

New York United States Jr artist Liu Bolin
Artist: Jr and Liu Bolin

New York, United States artist Timothy Sacenti
Artist: Timothy Sacenti
 Lodz | PolandLodz Poland artist Eitam Crow
Artist: Eitam Crow 

Lodz Poland artist Roa
Artist: Roy

Lodz Poland artist Eitam Crow 1.jpg
 Artist: Eitam Crow
Valparaiso | Chile
Valparaiso, Chile Artist Unknown
Artist: Unknown

Valparaiso Chile artist Jean-Baptiste Younis
  Artist: Jean-Baptiste Younis

Mexico | Mexico
Mexico Mexico City Artist Unknown
Artist: Unknown

Mexico Mexico City artist Koriuc
Artist: Koriuc

Mexico Mexico City artist Roa
 Artist: Roy
Prague  |  Czech Prague, Czech artist Adam Jones
Artist: Adam Jones
Prague, Czech Artist Unknown
Artist: Unknown

Prague, Czech artist Blu
Artist: Blue
Prague, Czech artist Hunt
 Artist: Hunt
 London | Britain
London British artist Dalist
Artist: Dalist

London British artist Alexis Diaz
Artist: Alexis Diaz

London British artist David Walker
Artist: David Walker
Sao Paulo | Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil 7 M
Artist: 7 M

Sao Paulo, Brazil artist Eduardo Cobra
 Artist: Eduardo Cobra
Paris | France
Paris, France, the artist is Narov
Artist: Unknown  

Paris France artist Avalit
Artist: for Avalit

Paris France artist Seth
 Artist: Seth
 Melbourne | Australia
Melbourne, Australia artist Harakot
Artist: Harakot
Melbourne, Australia artist Ojhaysom
 Artist: Ojhaysom 

Melbourne, Australia artist Ojhaysom 1.jpg
Artist: Ojhaysom

Berlin Germany
Berlin Olmanyamintagasa
Artist: Mintagasa 

Berlin, Germany artist Blu
Artist: Blue 

Berlin, Germany artist JrArtist: Jr
Cape Town | South Africa 
Cape Town, South Africa Antirisnikaúna
Artist: Antirisnikaúna 

Cape Town, South Africa Feith 47
Artist: Faith 47
Moscow | Russia 
Moscow, Russia artist Ojnostino to Akourka
Artist: Ojnostino Akourka 
Moscow, Russia Artist C 215
Artist: C-215 
Moscow Russian artist Alexander Varto
Artist: Alexandre Varto
Bethlehem | Palestine 
Bethlehem, Palestine Louis Stavsky
Artist: Louis Stavsky 

Bethlehem, Palestine Banski
Artist: Banski 

Rio de Janeiro | Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Jr Art
Artist: Jr Art
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Vaflapentenj
Artist: Vaflapentenj
Istanbul | Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey Franco Vasuli
Artist: Franco Vasuli

Istanbul, Turkey de H. E.
Artist: De H. E.

Bogota | Columbia
Bogota, Colombia and Aentes Besimo
Artist: Aentes and Besimo

Bogota, Colombia Artist Unknown
Artist: Unknown  

Bogota, Colombia Artist Unknown 1.jpg
Artist: Unknown 

Bristol | United Kingdom 
Bristol UK Dalist
Artist: Dalist

Bristol United Kingdom Rua
Artist: Roy

Santiago | Chile 
Santiago Chile artist Charduebank
Artist: Charduebank

Santiago Chile artist Jano Basti
Artist: Janu Basti

Buenos Aires | Argentina 
Buenos Aires, Argentina artist Jamisclovil
Artist: Jamisclovil

Buenos Aires, Argentina artist Ron Martin
Artist: Ron Martin

Buenos Aires, Argentina Ron Martin
 Artist: Ron Martin

Lisbon | Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal artist AWS Jimios
Artist: US Jimios

Lisbon, Portugal artist Sam 3
 Artist: Sam 3

Lisbon, Portugal artist AWS Jimios and Blue
Artist: US Jimios and Blue

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