Underwater Hotel in Tanzania


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Pemba Island contains one of the most important resorts in the East African region, is the second islands of the archipelago of Zanzibar in Tanzania and dubbed the island green, and characterized by abundant hills and plateaux filled with unique plants and animals of different richness and ancient monuments.
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Manta Resort, and especially after the opening of the first room under the water in it, is the most important attractions and destinations on the island of Pemba *. This hotel room sink into the ocean to a depth of up to four meters, and make it stay there and experience the adventure would not enjoy visiting tourist ideals or anywhere else.
The hotel consists of water from the three-story summed up in the upper floor is located above the surface of the water, overlooking the life in the Indian Ocean coral reefs and fish unique, in addition to the two-story underwater depth of up to four meters, have been installed hotel on the ocean floor, the windows large glass of its sides believes the four corners of the breathtaking panoramic guests, while at night the hotel has provided special lighting system, visitors can enjoy the magic of the ocean floor the best picture possible, as is known, this region teeming with marine life from the unique plants and fish forms a distinctive and stunning.
If you are interested in a "diving" the midst of this unique experience, know that the cost per night for a double room is $ 1,500, or $ 900 for a person in a single room.
  Swim on the best :)
Sweetie, take the same, and the guidance of your temper.
Tourist see a list of the food through the window ...

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