The top ten airports in the world

10-London's Heathrow airport - London Heathrow
Came Mtaz Heathrow tenth position globally, as profit Best Airport in terms of shopping, and won the fifth leg of his (Terminal 5) the title of the best building of the passenger terminal inside the airport, came as Sofitel's his sixth position of the best hotels in Alm.mtar Heathrow airports is the largest airports in Britain and the third busiest in the world.
9-Tokyo Haneda International Airport - Handa 
Airport, which began since its inception in 1930 won in addition to ninth best airport in the world is also the title of most airports cleaner in the world, you can not but notice the earth bright and beautiful design at this airport ..

8-Airport Vancouver International 
Airport Vankovr is a major international airport serving the city of Vancouver, the largest cities of the province of British Columbia in Canada and is the only airport in the continent of North America, who takes the title in the top ten airports globally, and this airport is the gateway Canada to the world and is characterized by design ensures great comfort movements inside the traveler ..

7-Zurich Airport, 
the international airport in the Swiss city of Zurich came in seventh place globally, and also took the title of best delivery service bags for travelers on a level Alm.almtar orbit very Btzikh in the craft and design features yuppie.

6-Munich Airport 
splendor of the design of this German airport took him in sixth place globally, and also won the title of best airport to airport from where the food is located, if you're looking for a good meal at the airport Vmtar Munich is the best in this Amajal.kma and is characterized by the possession of the airport A number of recreational activities inside is an ideal place for fun and entertainment, as well as travel ... ..

5-Beijing Capital International Airport 
this airport which carries the colors in the design of Chinese culture in a way is a stunning main airport in China, where most of the congestion Almsavrin.okzlk occupied the hotel's him second place in the list of the best airport hotels Almtarat.ihaml character culturally distinctive makes visitors Mpehron Ballowanh its smart design.

4-Hong Kong International Airport 
this airport of the city of Hong Kong Chinese with independent judgment and self had acquired the title of best airport in the world for many years because of its modern design and modern services offered by the travelers is consistent with the city full of skyscrapers, and this year won his hotel is also the title of the best hotels Mtarat.oho as the city which is located in a very modern and trendy colors and breathtaking ......

3-Heoffl Airport Amsterdam - Amsterdam Schipol 
is said to be one of the most airports in the world a happier Amsterdam's main airport in addition to being third in the world, also won the title of Best Airport in Ourba.okther what distinguishes this airport is a crew of friendly staff with wonderful service can not be be in this airport and only deal in a very friendly and respectful ...... ..

2-Incheon International Airport in South Korea - Incheon International 
airport is beautiful is one of the busiest airports in the world in addition to the second-best airport worldwide also take the Airport Best Airport for transit and the Hyatt Regency's his take tidy hotel seventh no nook In this airport devoid of a work of art, making it a comfortable place to wait and also contains a huge number of restaurants and activities that make it a place for travelers to rest too.

1-Changi Airport in Singapore - Singapore Changi 
airport, which is an input key to the continent of Asia has always been subject to the discretion of hospitality services and high ergonomic design and corresponding to the highest standards, characterized Bamtlah the most beautiful green spaces in addition to modern design Raúa.rbh to now more than 280 award, including 19 of the best Worldwide Airport, this airport took the lead, while Curlew Plaza's salary he took his fifth globally.



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