Sure, you will want to book a ticket to Japan after seeing this cafe on top of a sea of ​​clouds.


Located near the summit of Mount Tomamu in Hokkaido, Japan, is a place that is made only in dreams: a balcony that allows for people to stand above a sea of ​​clouds rolling.
Popular terrace Yunca taken from the name Yunca means (sea of ​​clouds): breathtaking phenomenon resulting from various climatic conditions taking shape in the mountainous terrain in the region.

 Only a few years ago, was the only mountain climbers are lucky Alokhidan watching the clouds beneath their feet with fresh air, and only when the sun shines.
Today with the presence of Aletilfrick, just 13 minutes up the terrace and you can decide how you want to get well.
The only real challenge remaining for tourists is to wake up really early, as it appears Unkai during the early hours of the morning, usually starting at 4:00
If you do not get there in time, you can enjoy a cup of coffee is expensive ($ 20) while enjoying the view of, once you think of views across the terrace to find a cup of coffee is worth more than that.
Unkai chances of seeing about 40 percent, depending on the weather. In the days where the clouds are absent or completely covered by fog, you can do other activities such as snowboarding, skiing, hot air balloon rides, and go horseback riding.
For those lucky enough to be able to see the scene, you have to be ready for a variety of cloud formations, ranging from what looks like a raging waterfall into a bed of cotton balls!
Tourists who visit the Unkai terrace during its opening season (May to October), and get a ticket to enter this also postcard, which you can send from the balcony for free!

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