See 4 short films from around the world through the eyes of eagle


Punishment white guilt, is one of the races of endangered birds of prey, and therefore most of the relatively few in number, live in nature reserves around the world.
We will see now some of the scenes scarce natural, through escort punishment "Victor" during flights flight after the first has been taking care of him since his birth, and even managed to practice flying independently.  

before you three short films, filmed with a camera modern been installed on the back of punishment "Victor", to have the us a chance to see the first moments of freedom for this bird is rare and unique, who would like to give us a chance great to see the world from the eyes of the king of birds, capable of flying to the highest highs and the most difficult circumstances.  

, if you are wondering how it looks this world wonder if you birds free, these films to you.  


1. Victor starts from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and landed in the courtyard of the famous Trocadero

2 gorgeous - Victor stems from the summit of Mount Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe actually Italy on the border with France

3 breathtaking - Victor enjoy Spring Green near the town of Chamonix , located at the foot of White Mountain in France 

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