Pictures: underground hotel in China by 2015

Will build the first five-star hotel under the ground in China and will be glued to the wall of the hole depth of 100 meters near Tel Chechnya, in Songjiang District in Shanghai. If it was completed will contain this luxury resort on 16 floors inside the hole and 3 floors above. And will contain about 380 rooms and conference facilities, restaurants and cafes under the water and sports facilities, health clubs and Guy so. The building will be a glass curtain height of 60 meters, similar to the waterfall on the front of the main resort. The last 20 meters below will fill with rainwater lake problem. The development of this project company Shanghai Shimao and Intercontinental Hotels, has been called "Intercontinental Shimao Shanghai - Wonderland."
This has been a quarry pit since the fifties of the last century, and it has stopped working since 2000 with Vachtrth land surrounding Shima company in order to build a huge theme park "Shanghai Shimao Wonderland" is planned to take advantage of the surrounding areas in the activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping. The company invests about $ 555 million in this project. Atkins has developed a British engineering this amazing idea. It is scheduled to open in late 2014 in the case is nearing completion on time, or early 2015, not more .. By that time will end the creation of Disneyland in Shanghai. Thus, there will be three major theme park in Shanghai. "
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