Pictures | seabed and outer space and destination passengers in 2024

Site issued a "Skyscanner" specialist in Tourism and Travel Report on the future of travel is expected by the year 2024, "which predicts that the heights of the earth's orbit, and the depths of the oceans of the world will become a holiday destination during the next decade.
The site; trips will be to the seabed, a fashionable option such as "Neptune Suite" hotel "Atlantis Dubai," where the race starts to outer space, which will take travelers to the Earth's orbit.
The report focused on the current efforts of the three global companies "Foster, Partners, ESA" in the building housing a three-dimensional on the surface of the moon, which becomes Guests can visit resorts heavenly being developed to include Resorts "spa" as there is in reality.
The report predicts; existence pillows massage help to sleep, and are designed hotel rooms to reset the biological clock of the passengers resulting from the disruption of flights to ride the jet, as the report pointed to a unique experience Kalasthmam in water with vitamin "d" for the treatment of disorders of travel.

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