Pictures | plush hotel suites to spend their honeymoon in the world

The newspaper "Daily Mail" reported the British photographer for a plush hotel suites in the world, which goes to the wealthy newlyweds honeymoon, and that the price of the night in one of them to 25 thousand dollars.
And longer wing "jewel" in the hotel, "New York Palace" in "Manhattan" of the plush hotel suites, the hotel features a waterfall adorned chandelier of diamonds, and windows longitudinal gives great views of the  skyscraper "Chrysler" and "Empire State," according to the newspaper News 24 .
The suite consists of two floors, also contains a dining table is enough for 10 seats, and the "jacuzzi" above the surface, bringing the price to spend two nights in this hotel for the newlyweds to 50 thousand dollars.
It also offers "Burj Al Arab" in Dubai for the newlyweds a chance to set up their wedding ceremony over the airstrip at a cost of 55 thousand dollars, and the total area of ​​the runway 212 meters, and has breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.
The hotel receives (seeded within the seven-star) couple in the Royal Pavilion and gives them a special servant, and "iPad" 24 carat gold.

In the "Hong Kong", overlooking wing "honeymoon" in the hotel "Intercontinental" (5 stars) Victoria Harbour, and the suite features a breadth severe, extends over an area of ​​2133 meters, also has a rooftop terrace with an area of ​​762 meters, equipped with a bath private pool.
The pavilion is described "honeymoon" that it is the most beautiful suites in the continent of Asia.
The hotel "Four Seasons George V" in Paris, he shall be deemed of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and offers newlyweds honeymoon includes a luxury car "limousine" Take them to the most prominent tourist attractions of Paris, including the tower, "Eiffel" Museum "Louvre".
The hotel has a suite on the top floor, with a panoramic view on the Witch Tower "Eiffel".

In the Swiss capital - Geneva, the cost to spend one night of their honeymoon in a hotel "Intercontinental" luxury; around 65 thousand dollars, and the price includes accommodation in apartments with an area of ​​more than two thousand meters, containing 11 rooms, in addition to a library and a health club.

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