Pictures Marvel Atlantic: the girl who carries on her shoulders Ocean


John Dakriz Taylor, the artist best known for a series of technical sculpture, which is characterized by being a series, each different from the other, but it is time Marvel Atlantic was the record holder, as the last sculptures was a statue of a girl huge submerge under the ocean length of 18 feet and weigh 60 tons and is considered the largest statue in the world.
Submerged off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. Today is the largest statue in the underwater world.
This girl has been named the Pacific which carried on her shoulders as Atlas, the Greek god responsible for carrying the sky on his shoulders.
As is the case with many of the rest of Taylor's underwater sculptures, has been making Atlas textured cement modified Hedroggio own that would allow coral or organisms that thrive on its surface. Statues permit the growth of new coral were not exist before, and it became this coast, which carries a girl on her shoulders and a destination for tourists from all over the world. 



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