Pictures: Luxury Yacht star-shaped 8-story mega-rich, up to 60 feet and an area of ​​3500 meters

Daily Mail newspaper published a report on the British photographer for a unique design for a luxury yacht in the form of a half star 8 storey and dedicated for the rich to enjoy the travel experience of a fantasy world.
The length of the yacht 162 feet and a height of 60 feet, and includes internal space of more than 3500 square meters of luxury rooms and lounges to receive VIP guests, also contains the yacht named "Star" on the four elevators to move between floors eight.
The yacht has enough space for a helicopter landing on its surface, and expanding in the ordinary course of about 36 people, as it is able to accommodate more than 200 guests at parties and special events.
And speed up the yacht which was designed by architect Igor Obanuv to 18 knots, and at a rate of 500 miles per Bahra 14 knots and can turn around the same great flexibility.
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