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Readers of "Conde Nast Travel" electronic magazine chose the island "Palawan" Philippines as the most beautiful island in the world, thanks to the charming beaches and fresh waters, and one of the natural wonders of The River "burrito Princesa," which was selected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The island got metropolitan natural colors on 76 thousand votes, through a referendum conducted by the famous magazine dealing with the affairs of the travel and tourism, and the best deals from all over the world.
And a length of five miles, is a burrito Princesa River, the longest river of groundwater in the Asian continent, and the second longest river in the world, and lead the tourists in the rounds of the horse world through underground caverns, with large caves and a large number of stalagmites and stalactites, according to the Daily British miles.
Palawan Island was chosen by UNESCO, the second heritage site provides an opportunity for tourists to enjoy trips exploratory dive under the water, and gathered the island between the natural beauty of its beaches above the water, through the magic of the legendary "burrito Princesa" underwater river.
The National Geographic has chosen Palawan as one of the best islands in the world, and it is not difficult to reach the island, where the journey takes flight from the nearest airport is about 75 minutes, only to reach the island on a boat needs to be 24 hours.
And know the island as the last limits of the Philippines, which is part of Palawan province in the far west of the country, and in the southern tip of Malaysia located directly to the north.
In the second place among the readers of the magazine "Conde Nast Travel" Options Kiowa Island dissolved in the state of South Carolina, United States, followed by the island of Maui and Kauai in Hawaii scored a third and fourth, while solving the Bazaruto archipelago of islands in the Mozambique fifth place.

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