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Airport deserted and baggage that is weighing manually by the balance of the old and the cockpit free of digital tools, all of which are only some of the negative aspects that could one photographers Singaporeans, named "Aram Pan," from captured for the airline "Air Koryo" which is the only one in the world with one star and is still used until now by the citizens in North Korea.
According to the newspaper, the "Daily Mail" The history of airline "Air Koryo" Air Koryo to 1950, when it was created by joint agreement between North Korea and the Soviet Union for linking Korean capital, "Pyongyang" and its counterpart Soviet "Moscow" in the Soviet era, and although of feet of aircraft used on these lines, one of the model "Ilyushin EL -18" Ilyushion Il-18, but it still works, but efficiently limited made her get a star and one of the pre-site Skytrak specialist in the assessment of the aircraft, while I got the service provided inside the plane 3-star, where meals are served good, and enjoy the flight attendants smile and a worm, as pointed out by Mr. Singaporean photographer "Ban".
And accompanied by 48 passengers, Enjoy photographer Singapore trip from the capital of Malaysia, "Kuala Lumpur" to "Pyongyang," the North Korean capital, and that he felt nervous at the beginning of the journey from the idea of ​​traveling on a plane old historical, as stated on his tongue in his interview to the newspaper, the "Daily Mail "Australian. He adds that where the aircraft is not by any means the only entertainment television channel and one Korean drama shows and documentaries only. He also added information about the plane, which seats easily fold up to give the passenger more space at his feet, according to site ActionHa mail.
The report adds that in 2006 was banning the use of airline "Air Koryo" in the United Kingdom for reasons of safety and maintenance work, then resumed its work in 2010, but was confined to a limited extent on the aircraft, "Topolivta U 204" TU-204s.

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