Pictures | hotel made entirely of ice built annually in Sweden


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City prepares Yukasearfa Swedish located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, to re-build the Ice Hotel, which is a masterpiece of engineering and amazing, and annually attracts hundreds of craftsmen and architects who are competing for the honor of designing the charming rooms and suites.
The newspaper "Daily Mail" the British; set of images for the hotel in memory of rebuilding the 25, where a specialized committee to choose a group of craftsmen sculpture and engineers from among hundreds of applicants to participate in transforming their ideas and their imaginations selected to works of art, adorn the corners of rooms and suites.
The newspaper reported; that the hotel, which is "an architectural and engineering marvel", built entirely of ice and ice cubes, and construction work begins in the month of November and is open to customers in late December
The newspaper pointed out; to build a hotel that would take about 8 weeks to complete, and each room when the idea of ​​a special technical distinguish them from the rest of the room, and this will continue construction firm about 3 months until March, before they cause high temperatures in the melted in April.
And will consist of the hotel from the "61" room; addition to the sculptures of figures and animals is legendary, and will create a restaurant and a hall dedicated to the celebrations, in addition to the theater for the display, as the hotel will offer a number of recreational activities Kaltazlj and tours, will be supplied in each room furnishings thick skin and bags dedicated to sleep, guests to be able to withstand very low temperatures, and are installed at 7 degrees below zero.

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